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Tripti.Earth is your platform to learn, live and love Ayurveda. We believe that the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is just as relevant in our lives today, no matter what your life looks like right now. 

Maybe you are already familiar with Ayurveda, or maybe this is the first time you are looking into it. No worries, we have got your back! In our blog posts we will cover the basics of Ayurveda. And in case you want to learn more;  look into our online programs or join one of our retreats!



Moving  You  Inward


With our online Ayurveda programs we bring Ayurveda right into your living room. You will not only learn about Ayurveda, but are also encouraged to start directly with practical application in your life. We offer programs with various durations and themes so there is always a program coming up for you! Think of programs on seasonal cleansing, energy management, and women's health or cover the basics of Ayurveda in our Discover Ayurveda programs. We highly value the community we create around our programs and you can be sure to receive real-time and loving support from us!


In a personal coaching session we offer you a completely individualised advice on Diet, Lifestyle and Herbal remedies. In these sessions you will discover how to optimise your physical, mental and spiritual health based on your current imbalances and your unique blueprint. We can work on specific health issues or in general to uncover how Ayurveda can help you feel healthy, radiant and energized. 


Here is where it all comes together. In our retreats we spoil you with delicious food, yummy yoga classes and inspirational workshops all with the goal to connect with yourself, and others, on deeper levels. Our retreats offer you a time-out from daily life, which sometimes makes it easier to move inward. In a relaxed environment we hope to ignite your inspiration for your personal journey towards a mindful life. 

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”


Henry David Thoreau